Independent Financial Adviser

Bespoke financial planning and advices to individuals, self-employed and families in English and Japanese.

Welcome to JR Church

I am an Independent Financial Adviser living in Cambridgeshire, I pride myself in helping individuals, self-employed and families achieve their long-term financial goals and peace of mind with a range of individual bespoke financial advice to suit your needs. Having spent more than 15 years within financial services, I realise the importance in providing trusted and professional financial advices.

As everyone’s situation will be different, you deserve a high quality bespoke service. My scope of advice includes financial planning, advice on pensions, investments, savings, tax planning and life insurance products.


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ケンブリッジ在住。在英歴23年。日系投資銀行ロンドン拠点勤務を得て2019年にファイナンシャル プラニング業界に転身。英国金融業界にて15年以上の経験を持つ。日本人として数少ない 独立系ファイナンシャルプラナーとして英国金融規制当局より認可を受ける。独立系アドバイザリー会社 Financial Initiatives Ltd に所属。静岡県出身。