Investment planning

Savings for your dream house? or your children's education? Whatever the reason we can work together to achieve your long-term goals.


Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)

With a Stocks & Shares ISA you can buy shares, funds and other types of investments, you will get a growth potential in a tax-efficient manner.

Junior ISAs (JISAs)

A long-term tax-efficient savings plan for your child’s future, allowing your child to receive a (tax-free) lump sum when he/she has reached 18 years old.

General Investment Accounts (GIAs)

Looking for a way of investing more money outside of tax wrappers? This is a flexible savings option where you can access to a wide range of investments.


Track a specific index? Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) is an option.

Discretionary Investment Management

A traditional way of managing investments, allowing you to feel more confident? DIM, a form of professional investment management, is an option .

Investment Bonds

Looking for growth potential over the medium to long-term? A single-premium life insurance that forms investments in a tax-efficient manner gives the potential on your money.

Offshore Investments

Keep your investment based in a jurisdiction where you aren’t a resident. Some of the benefits include tax efficient savings, delayed tax payment and a wide range of investments. You may consider offshore investment if you are planning to live outside of the UK in the future.